Roger Archer, Senior Pastor

Roger Archer is the founder and lead pastor of Foursquare Church in Puyallup, Washington. He is also the author of "The Leadership Lock", a men's ministry curriculum, "Special Forces" and a church leadership curriculum, "Team Camp". Roger has his Bachelors Degree in both psychology and pastoral ministry and also has his Masters through Southeastern University in Missional Leadership. Roger and his wife, Tina, live in Puyallup and have three children: Adrienne, Britney, and Jacob. Roger is passionate about four things: his God, his wife, his children, and the local church.

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Yoel Bartolome, Executive Pastor

Yoel Bartolome has spent his life in ministry serving the local church. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he attended Life Pacific College where he earned a degree in Pastoral Ministries and met his wife, Christy. Moving to Washington in 2005, Yoel now leads our church as the Executive Pastor and Teaching Team Leader. Highly respected by our staff, he is a man of integrity, and a great father. Yoel and his wife, Christy, have two children: Zack and Chloe.


Adrienne Nakamura, Executive Assistant

Adrienne grew up running through the halls of our very own church. Being a pastor's daughter has really shaped her into the woman she is today. Adrienne attended Cascade Christian High School and upon her graduation she chose to pursue her degree in cosmetology at Gene Juarez Academy. Adrienne is passionate about making women feel beautiful on the inside and on the outside. In her free time, Adrienne loves taking her dog, Champ, for walks, and loves to go out to dinner with her friends. She is known for being very organized and also enjoys riding her bike, and shopping. Adrienne is married to the love of her life, Spencer.



Allen Jones, Outreach and Assimilations Pastor

Focused on seeing the lost come to know Christ personally, and to see them mature into the fullness of their faith and live well, Allen Jones dedicates his time to leading the outreach and assimilation team. Whether it is your first time to the church or you are looking to get involved, Allen is someone that everyone needs to meet. An entrepreneur and successful business consultant, Allen and his family answered the call to full time ministry and joined our team in 2009. He has a powerful perspective on reaching out to people and giving them the opportunity to get connected to the local church, and experience the rich rewards of being active in God's Kingdom. Allen is also an author, having released his first book, Boys To Men - the Lost Art of the Rite of Passage, in December 2012. Allen and his wife, Donna, have three children: Devan, Brendan, and Clara Ann.


Tina Archer, Ladies Ministry Pastor

Tina Archer is the wife of our Senior Pastor, Roger Archer. Tina leads our Ladies Ministry here at Foursquare Church. Her life experiences as a wife, mother, teacher and church planter help to fuel her passion to see ladies discover their gifts and use them for Him. Tina's transparent lifestyle and humor allow others to relax as they relate to her challenges and find strength in her victories. She is launching our first Ladies Conference with the anticipation of seeing hundreds of ladies empowered and inspired to rise up and take their place that God has designed for them. Tina and Roger have three incredible children, Adrienne, Britney, and Jacob.


Ryan Gilbreath, South Campus Pastor

Ryan grew up on a reservation in Havre, Montana as a child. When he graduated highschool he chose to attend college in Kirkland, Washington at Northwest University which is where he met his beautiful bride, Christina. He graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Ministries. In his free time, Ryan enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, playing games, and working out. Although he leads a very active life, Ryan loves to settle down for a good movie. Ryan is passionate about watching others grow in their relationship with Christ and assisting them along the way. He truly embodies our value of discipleship.


Britney Archer, North Campus Pastor

Britney grew up in the church as a pastor's kid and developed a deep passion for the local church. She is passionate about seeing young women come to know the love of Christ and develop their faith. Britney's hobbies include going for walks, dining out with friends, and refurbishing furniture. Britney has completed her Bachelor's Degree in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University.


Christina Gilbreath, Assisting South Campus Pastor

Christina Gilbreath grew up in Vancouver, WA where she developed a passion for ministry and music serving at her families church. Christina graduated in 2008 from Northwest University with a degree in Worship Ministry. Her passions include spending time with her husband Ryan, and daughter London, movies, and a passion to see people grow in the calling that God has on their life.


Jeff Thorp, Assisting North Campus Pastor

Jeff grew up in Washington and graduated high school at Spanaway Lake. He accepted the Lord while he attended a United Generation Camp in 2010. Jeff completed two years of Ministry Intitute program here at the church and served many years as a volunteer and leader before coming on staff at Puyallup Foursquare Church. Jeff has a passion to see the lost come to know Christ and for the local church. Jeff hobbies include spending time with his wife Kristen, Crossfit, and Evangalism.



Jake Archer, United Generation Pastor

Having grown up in the home of two incredible senior pastors, Jake was stirred at an early age with a heart for the house. At age 16 Jake chose to set himself apart from worldly desires and decided that he would give his life in a commitment to help others find Christ, as he continues to do today. Jake's biggest passion in life is seeing young people develop a relationship with Jesus for themselves and watching them be confident in thier divine purpose. Jake is a well established young man of faith who has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Practical Ministries from Southeastern University. Newly married, Jake and Ashley enjoy spending their time together traveling and enjoying the sunshine. In his free time Jake enjoys staying fit while having fun playing sports such as golf and basketball.

Taylor Lindberg, United Generation Worship

Taylor grew up in Tacoma and is known for his passion to seek God. Taylor encountered God for the first time when he was 13 years old at church camp. This is when he accepted Christ as his savior. Taylor traveled around the United Kingdom and through that experience he is who he is today. He enjoys spending his time cooking, traveling, and growing his beard. As a worship pastor on our team, one of Taylor's passions is writing music. Taylor is a very personable man that loves the Lord with all of his heart.


Josh Minton, Junior High Pastor

It is known to all people who encounter Josh that he is a passionate man. Everything he does is done to the best of his ability because he truly believes that he is working for the Lord and not for man. Josh has been heavily involved with our youth ministry and has brought many students to the Lord. He now leads a thriving community group and each week the young men in this group dive deeper into the Lord's word together. Josh is currently a student in Ministry Institute and has committed this season of his life to grow in every way possible.

Brandon Barcelona, United Generation Young Adults Pastor

As a graduate of our Ministry Institute program, Brandon is filled with a passion to reach the lost at any cost. Brandon has served in our United Generation ministries for many years and is committed to the growth and potential in our students. As soon as he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior as an 8th grade student at summer camp he has chosen to live a life committed to spreading the gospel. Serving in the local church has been a large part of Brandon's life and of his relationships with people. This is where his passion comes from to help people find their niche to serve. In his free time Brandon enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching sports.



Spencer Nakamura, North Campus Kids Pastor

Spencer grew up in Puyallup where he attended Rogers High School. After his attendance of a United Generation service in 2010, he accepted Jesus for the first time. He began serving in our Kids Ministry soon after he began attending Puyallup Foursquare Church. Spencer went on to devote his life to ministry for two years in our Ministry Institute internship where he became passionate for the church. He has a passion for discipleship and soccer.


Karla Gubany, South Campus Kids Pastor

Karla attended Pacific Lutheran University and also received a massage therapy certificate from Ashmead College. She is a woman who has been gifted in many areas and has a passion for today's youth. Beyond her involvement with our church, Karla serves as a volleyball coach in our community. Karla is known for her kind and compassionate spirit. She is a woman that has been graced with compassion and this is a great attribute of hers as our children's pastor. Karla lives an active life. She enjoys hiking, camping, road trips, and running. No matter what she is doing, she gives her absolute best.


Carol Wilmot, North Campus Preschool

Having accepted Christ at the young age of 5 years old, Carol has lived her life committed to the Lord. She has a vibrant spirit that brings people close to her. Scripture says that it is the Lord's kindness that draws us to repentance and the love that Carol lives with truly exemplifies this verse. This vibrancy carries over into all areas of Carol's life. She once jumped out of an airplane and calls that her life's biggest accomplishment. You will always find Carol with a cup of coffee in hand no matter what adventure she takes on. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors as well as shopping in Seattle.


Ashley Archer, South Campus Preschool

From a young age Ashley has had a passion for God. The thing that brings her the most joy is to watch children find the love of Christ. In 2008 Ashley chose to take a stand in her faith and wanted to publicly declare that Jesus was the Lord of her life, and she got baptized in our church. Ashley spent her first year of school with us as a Ministry Institute student and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree from Southeastern University. In her free time Ashley enjoys being outside whether it be hiking, running, or swimming at the lake. Ashley loves the sun! As a new wife, Ashley loves spending time with her husband, Jake.


Bri Bedore, South Campus Family Care Pastor

As a graduate of Ministry Institute, Bri has been trained and is well equipped to lead in the local church. Bri has earned her Associates of Arts degree from Southeastern University during her studies as a student in our church. In early 2010 Bri found herself lost in the presence of God and knew she couldn't live one day without the Lord and it was in that moment that she committed her life to Jesus. During her free time you will often find Bri outside either camping or hiking. Bri also enjoys music and spending time with her friends and family.


Cassidy Campbell, North Campus Family Care Pastor

Cassidy has been trained to lead people to Christ from a very young age. At the age of five Cassidy gave her life to Christ. Cassidy, being an accomplished woman, has completed her Associates of Arts degree and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree from Southeastern University all while studying here at our church as a Ministry Institute student. Cassidy is gifted in many things but one thing she excels greatly in is writing. Cassidy has a blog that she writes in her free time and you can visit her blog by clicking here.



Jake Archer, Ministry Institute Dean

Having grown up in the home of two incredible senior pastors, Jake was stirred at an early age with a heart for the house. At age 16 Jake chose to set himself apart from worldly desires and decided that he would give his life in a commitment to help others find Christ, as he continues to do today. Jake's biggest passion in life is seeing young people develop a relationship with Jesus for themselves and watching them be confident in thier divine purpose. Jake is a well established young man of faith who has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Practical Ministries from Southeastern University. Newly married, Jake and Ashley enjoy spending their time together traveling and enjoying the sunshine. In his free time Jake enjoys staying fit while having fun playing sports such as golf and basketball.


Peter Kerr, Southeastern University

Peter is a great addition to our Ministry Institute team as he is our link to Southeastern University located in Lakeland, FL. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Factors Engineering and in Human Behavior/Leadership from the U.S. Air Force Academy, a Master of Arts in Communications, and a Master of Divinity. Peter is also an ordained minister, the founder and CEO of KerrCommunications, and the author of Adam Meets Eve (available at amazon.com) which was written to help the next generation understand the science and theology of relationships. Peter's passion is investing in students to build tomorrow's Church leaders. For the past two decades he has served as a pastor, retreat speaker, professor, Bible study leader, and mentor. Having traveled extensively to six continents, Peter speaks multiple languages. He enjoys reading about theology, history, and quantum physics, and likes to play strategy games with his wife Rebecca and their four children.

Jessica Barcelona, Ministry Institute Administrator

Jessica grew up in Puyallup and attended Tacoma Baptist School. After her graduation, she went through our internship program, Ministry Institute. Jessica considers two great women to be of the biggest influence in her life: her grandma, and Natalie Pica. Jessica's upbeat personality gives her many opportunities to minister to young people and teach them to become passionate about Jesus. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys spending time with our interns, shopping, and running! She is married to the love of her life, Brandon.

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Carly Heltsley, Admissions Coordinator & Marketer

Carly Heltsley grew up in Lake Tapps and attended Auburn Riverside High School. She graduated from our church’s internship, Ministry Institute. She met her husband, DJ, serving in the UG and they now have a daughter named Lucy. With DJ working as a junior high teacher, Carly and Dj love to be involved in the youth and have a heart to see the lost be saved. She now works with Southeastern University and our Evening Degree program. She is our admissions coordinator and marketer. In her free time, Carly loves to spend time at their family lake house, and go on walks to coffee shops.


Alex DiMare, Worship Pastor


Having grown up in the home of two incredible senior pastors, Alex is well equipped to be a leader in the church. Alex grew up in Wenatchee, Washington and upon his high school graduation he went to Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. Alex developed a true passion to draw people close to the presence of God with music and creativity during his stay in Sydney. He is very gifted musically in playing music as well as writing it. During his free time Alex enjoys wood work, snowboarding, and spending time with his wife, Breanna. Together Alex and Breanna have a handsome baby boy, Emerson.

Nichole Gibbons


Nichole is a woman of God known for her strength in faith and creative genius. She is always innovating and using her gifts to expand the Kingdom of God. Nichole grew up with a great love and understanding of God's word and his wisdom. Nichole chose to expand her understanding by attending school at Central Washington University and she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. One of Nichole's greatest passions is helping people discover their gifts and empowering them to use those gifts for God. Nichole is so creative and is always expanding her creativity through going on adventures hiking, wakeboarding, and even taking her son, Royal, to the zoo! Nichole is married to the love of her life, Jordan.


Hans Metzger, Technical Director

Hans grew up in Puyallup and attended Cascade Christian High School. He has run front of house up and down the West Coast. Hans is passionate about the local church. He puts much effort into making our services run smoothly, and is meticulous at what he does. Hans is passionate about music. He spends hours of his time in our recording studio mixing all of our CDs. Hans is known in our church as one who works very hard, and does his very best using the gifts that God has given to him. Hans is married to the love of his life, Becca.


Dustin Abad, Technical Director Assistant

As a current Ministry Institute student, Dustin truly understands the importance of serving alongside the local church. Dustin is currently pursuing his degree from Southeastern University in Ministerial Leadership. In his ministry Dustin is passionate about creating an environment where people can encounter Christ and experience his great love. Among his many gifts, Dustin enjoys cooking and playing volleyball in his free time.


Rebecca Metzger, Foursquare Arts Administrator

Rebecca is known for her heart to serve the local church. She graduated from our church internship, Ministry Institute, and during this internship she developed a passion for the house of God. Since her graduation she has served with our service production team. While holding down multiple jobs Rebecca always found time to fulfill the call of God on her life to serve. After two years of this commitment a position became available on our staff and Rebecca was the most obvious and natural fit. Rebecca has a strong love for coffee and will always have a cup in hand. Becca is married to the love of her life, Hans.


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Adam Collazo, Creative Arts Pastor

At the age of 8 years old Adam heard the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. From that day forward he committed his steps to follow after the Lord. Adam is known for his comedic abilities and his passion for the local church. He truly believes in the leader within people and spends his time discipling others in faith. Adam is married to the love of his life, Shannon, and together they have three children: Jacob, Santino and Charlie. In his free time Adam enjoys writing, acting, and golfing. Among many passions in his life, Adam is known for his love for the Seattle Mariners.


Kristin Thorp, Creative Director

With a Bachelor's Degree in communications from the University of Washington, Kristin is well equipped to do the work of this ministry. She accepted Christ as a young child and has pursued the Lord since that day. She is passionate about people. Everything she does she manages to include people to equip and train them to be involved as she is. Kristin and her husband Jeff have just purchased their first home and attribute that as their biggest accomplishment. In her free time Kristin loves spending time with friends and family while being creative and cooking. She is also very invovled with our South Campus Crossfit Gym.


Jordan Gibbons, Design Director

Known for his incredible creative gift mix, Jordan uses his talents to serve the Lord in many ways. He is passionate about seeing others use their gifts to advance the Kingdom of God. Since his acceptance of Christ in 6th grade Jordan has had a heart that seeks after God. Jordan enjoys spending his time playing sports and doing anything creative including photography, video, and design. Jordan is married to the love of his life, Nichole, and together they have their son, Royal.


Kevin Knight, Financial Controller

Kevin grew up in Auburn, Washington and has always been passionate about people. He is known for portraying the heart of our church: Loving God and Loving People. Kevin earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business and Finance with a minor in Economics from Central Washington University. Kevin beleives in people and is always willing to help them reach their full potential that God has for them. In his free time Kevin enjoys playing basketball and going golfing. He values his family and friends and loves to travel. Kevin embodies the essence of Christ in his daily life.


Catherine Floyd, Human Resources

Catherine grew up in the church where she came to know Christ as her Savior. Her mission is to love on the broken, to see women come to know the Lord and to know and live out the calling God has for them. Catherine and her loving husband, Tom have been blessed with three boys - Hunter, Asher, and Silas.


Justin Burgher, Information Technology

As a current Ministry Institute student at Foursquare Church, Justin has built a name for himself that portrays the character of Jesus Christ. He is known for his kindness and compassion all during his busy lifestyle. At the age of 16 Justin recommitted his life to the Lord. Since this point, Justin has been passionately in love with the local church and expanding God's kingdom. Justin has many giftings including musical talents with the piano, athletics, and he is a people person. Justin's passion is loving people and watching them discover a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Stephanie Wolf, Facilities Administrator

Stephanie is from Boulder, Colorado but then moved to Washington in 1990 and attended Puyallup High School. Upon her graduation, she joined YWAM - DTS in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Stephanie is passionate about the local church. She loves to worship, she loves women's ministry, and she loves young adults. Stephanie is known to be a women who raises up mighty women of God. She is married to her husband, Drew, and they have three children: Collin, Maddie, and Jaxon. She aspires always to be the best wife and mom possible.


Skye MacDonald, Facilities

Skye MacDonald grew up in Lakewood, Washington and graduated from Lakes High School. He grew up in the church and that has developed him into the person he is today. Skye is a person that is highly respected in our church and community. Skye is on the facilities team and works extremely hard at making sure our campus and facility is looking its absolute best at all times, he has a huge servants heart. Skye has a heart for the Foursquare campus and a heart to see young men reach their potential for Christ.